Unveiling the Insights into Human Values: BCW Age of Values 2023 Report Public Presentation

…Uncovering the Power of Values to Influence Behavior and Move People

Values define not only personal choices but also the way societies function, which is why marketing professionals must grasp the dynamics of human values and how they influence our purchase decisions.

CMC Connect LLP the exclusive affiliate of BCW in Nigeria recently hosted a public presentation of the BCW Age of Values 2023 Report, which revealed groundbreaking insights into the complex interplay between human behaviour and values. Taylor Saia and Pablo Lozano, acclaimed BCW Strategists, took the reins of the presentation.

An elderly man (Raheem Olabode) wearing a black and white stripes suit holding a black microphone covered blue muff filter

Lead Partner CMC Connect LLp, Raheem Olabode addressing the guests at the event.


The report introduced an innovative approach that goes beyond traditional demographic targeting, combining behavioural science, research, data analytics, and digital trend mapping to gain deeper insights into the values that drive human behaviour in the dynamic cultural landscape of today.

At the centre of this presentation was BCW’s extensive research effort, which covered more than 30 countries and included 36,000 people. This massive project yielded over 30 million data points, which served as the foundation for the Age of Values 2023 Report. The report shines as a beacon of information, exposing the principles that guide our lives and, ultimately, how we connect with brands.

Taylor Saia, Strategy Director, BCW UK, stated during the event that the predominant values in Nigeria are security, self-direction, universalism, achievement, stimulation, and conformity and that it is interesting to note that GenZ values are power, achievement, hedonism, and stimulation. In his words;

“Younger generations have grown up in highly digitized societies in which peers’ achievements are broadcast on social media, affording a window into the highlights of other people’s lives. As a result, it’s no wonder that younger generations focus so much on realising, and being seen to be realising, their highest potential,”

Pablo Lozano, Senior Strategist at BCW, also spoke to and emphasised the long-term importance of values.

“Our values are fundamental; they shape our identities, determine what is important to us, and influence how we interact with the world and those who communicate with us.”

As part of the report, BCW unveiled its proprietary real-time analytics platform, BCW Values Intelligence (BCW V.I. ), which enables businesses to analyse and match values with altering cultural trends, online dialogues, and emerging possibilities.

A cross section of participants sitting by a round table.

Emeka Oparah, Vice President, Corporate Communications and CSR, Airtel Africa, praised the event’s organiser, CMC Connect LLP, for taking the initiative of organising the event and bringing this report to the general public. He also indicated his interest in the BCW Age of Values report, emphasising his want to learn more about the report and its future findings.

According to him;

“CMC Connect has always been efficient in their work, and I am honoured to be associated with them.” “It is clear that BCW values are definitely rubbing off on them.”

The event was more than a presentation; it was an eye-opener. The implications of BCW’s results were quickly recognised by journalists and industry specialists in attendance. The findings of the report have the potential to transform marketing strategies, government laws, and business models, all of which are based on a deep understanding of what genuinely motivates human behaviour.

From L-R: Nathaniel Ligbagbo, Raheem Olabode, Samson Adeoye, Omobolanle Ayejuni, Adetola Odusote

Following the review of the report, Lead Partner, CMC Connect LLP, Yomi Badejo-Okusanya explained the importance of one of the sub-values highlighted in the report “Achievement”.

“Achievement is very important in Africa and definitely in Nigeria. It has to do with the fact that, traditionally, you earn a lot more regard and respect when you’re a high achiever. It is a thing of pride, either for an individual or a family to achieve certain levels – socially, educationally, financially, academically, and so on,”

The Age of Values Report is a ground-breaking global study by BCW that investigates the enormous impact of values on human behaviour. The study will be published annually and will provide critical insights into the changing dynamics of values in shaping human behaviour.


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