Beer Sectorial Group – BSG

Beer Sectorial Group – BSG


BSG needed to drive an educational campaign targeted at adolescents, with the aim of decreasing underage alcohol consumption, using thought-provoking drama and interactive workshops to captivate and motivate them to adopt a strong stance against underage drinking.


We developed the strategy and concept for the advocacy campaign and collaborated with the Ministry of Education and the media to successfully launch it. We also facilitated direct engagement with government officials and agencies at both the federal and state levels.

The Result:

Media coverage of the SMASHED project launch by tier 1 and tier 2 online and offline (print and electronic) media platforms generated 100% positive mentions.

The SMASHED project has been delivered to over 65,000 students in over 350 public and private schools and has enjoyed the immense cooperation of the Federal and State ministries of education.